Career Sectors

Leisure and travel

We pride ourselves on our refreshing approach to the recruitment process. All our account managers have extensive recruitment experience both as specialists and line managers within the industry. This means they have a better understanding of your needs. We will take a detailed brief about the role you are looking to fill, and then search through out database to find clients that meet your criteria.

Retained Search

A retained search is best described when a travel company or hotel works exclusively with one travel or hospitality recruitment company on a specific assignment or on a role that is proving difficult to fill. This is typically used for roles which are business critical. Retained searches are often reserved for middle to senior management roles but can be employed to ensure lower level roles are also filled in a timely and consistent fashion.

The benefits

  • It ensures commitment from both sides
  • It allows us to put a timeframe around the assignment
  • Using headhunting techniques we thoroughly research the market, uncovering highly relevant candidates who are not actively seeking jobs.
  • The candidates we speak to on your behalf are exclusive to you unless you reject them from the process, helping to avoid the scenario of candidates accepting other offers
  • We can help increase company awareness should you be a new company or branch office, or launching a new area of your business which may be less well known to the talent pool of candidates


A travel company or hotel agrees to give us a period of exclusivity on a particular role or roles. This could be anything from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity but because we have a head start on our competitors, it means the vacancy gains a very high priority throughout that exclusive period to ensure that we get a number of relevant profiles to you in that time.

The benefits:

  • We can give you exclusivity on looking at the CV's before we submit them for any other vacancies
  • We can take preliminary time slots from you to provisionally book interviews in, giving you more control of your diary.


An excellent way to recruit when there are many candidates in the market for the type of vacancy you have, but it can be more time consuming depending on the recruitment agencies involved.

The benefits:

  • We can produce results quickly
  • Allows you to have access to all our available resources
  • We can produce a wide variety of candidates for you to review
  • Excellent method for filling roles with more than one vacancy.