Our Company can provide you with the IT, HR, Telecommunications, Electronic, Software and Operational specialists and engineers you need, experts who bring into your organization carefully honed skills and a depth of experience not normally acquired in an individual company. We focus on technology users or those how make the technology of the future!
We are noted for our unique ability of providing highly skilled technical staff who, by definition, are difficult to find.

Our role

When recruiting on your behalf, we undertake a variety of roles. We are your first contact with prospective candidates and aim to maintain a close relationship with them during the recruitment process. We will work with advertising companies, carry out private investigation confirming references and negotiating remuneration packages.

We aim to add value to your organisation not simply by finding the right candidate but by promoting your organisation in the market as a whole. To do so we need to understand your short term requirement and long term aim, goals so we are better placed to grow with you and anticipate your future need.

Quick response

In most cases requests are responded to within 24 hours. Because a tightly integrated structure is combined with the international character of our business, we are able to offer personnel at a price which is extremely competitive. We are able to fill vacancies, complete job orders or find technical skilled contractors fast.

No hidden costs

Contract work: You pay only for actual hours worked. There are no hidden costs - no vacation pay, sickness benefits, pension funds or termination payments. This means that realistically costing a project becomes significantly easier.

The bottom line

In situations requiring almost instant access to high technology / IT experts - especially those who are hard to find and in short supply - we can provide you with the people you need at a very reasonable price. We understand the problems and constraints of working under high pressure situations in a highly competitive high tech industry. We are here to provide you with solutions to your staffing problems which will enable you to effectively compete in this rapidly changing world.


we work on a contingency fee basis, if we do not find the right candidate for you and if they do not remain in your employment for 3 months, the recruitment process costs you nothing. Most recruitment companies charge a placement fee based on 20 - 25% of first year salary. If you appoint us to be your sole recruitment agent working on a vacancy we can offer an effective recruitment strategy for up to half the cost. In short our fee for a successful recruitment placement would be 12.50% of first year salary. We can offer both a highly effective and cost affective strategy because we are internet based, focused only on the electronics and software industry and we keep our customers. Please contact us for more information.