About Us

Headhunting Services

Our consultants are adaptable and approach each project with great initiative. They are very determined - our consultants want to make things happen. We dig deep and search widely, and the industry experience enable us access to opportunities and candidates that other companies do not have access to.

Having 40 years experience and expertise, we combine industry experience and attention to detail and functional expertise with the flair and energy to cover a great deal of ground. Our flexible structure allows us to cover any role from a CEO to a Communications Director. We network vigorously across all verticals and are well known as the specialist in these areas.

We firstly meet with you, the employer, to ascertain and understand what and who you are looking for, then we match your requirements in finding the right individual. We use totally different methods to those used by recruitment agencies - we do not advertise positions and do not have a database of candidates to refer to. Our methods are based purely on researching the top performers and most successful employees within any given industry.


Our team has been undertaking international assignments over the last decade. With consultants in mainland Europe, the US, Middle East and Asia we have an enviable network of contacts that ensures we can meet the exacting requirements of our clients worldwide. We understand that cross border search is not only about having access to and finding the right individuals but also about appreciating the distinct nuances of different cultures.